Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cartoon: Trump hosts SNL

Despite cutting ties with Donald Trump after he made racist and hateful comments against Mexican immigrants, NBC has re-employed The Orange One to host Saturday Night Live. Although the public has summoned massive opposition to NBC rewarding Trump's hateful rhetoric, NBC and Lorne Michaels have gone forward with this commitment. Executive Producer Michaels and SNL should know better, as the show has only had two Latino cast members in it's 40 year run, and zero Latinas. I won't know how La Trompa does, as I won't be watching.
NBC needs to answer why only to Hispanic males is there something about Latina comics that they feel will ahhhh lower their ratings or something clearly there is a bias to be polite but having ol racist Trump to host only serves to illuminate that question and be sure there will be rhetoric around  this, great reaching out assist NBC