Sunday, February 7, 2016

What? Donald Trump says he can make waterboarding not a war crime by ‘declassifying it’

Donald Trump speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump asserted on Sunday that he could legalize waterboarding — and even harsher forms of torture — simply by declassifying the tactics.
During an interview on CNN, host Jake Tapper pointed out that Trump’s plan to bring back interrogations techniques that were “worse than waterboarding” ran afoul of a 2006 law which made waterboarding a war crime.
“I would go through a process and get it declassified,” Trump explained. “And certainly [I would support] waterboarding at a minimum. They’re chopping off heads of Christians and many other people in the Middle East.”
“You can say what you want. I have no doubt that it does work in terms of information and other things — and maybe not always but nothing works always. But I have no doubt that it works,” he insisted. “When they’re chopping off the heads of people — and innocent people in most cases — beyond waterboarding is fine with me.”
once again he shows he has no understanding or just doesn't care about international law waterboarding is torture and a violation of the Geneva convention.  we also know that his party and it's constituents don't care either since they cheered Cheyney and Bush who had lawyer rewrite laws to get around torture charges.
he has just told our enemies now and future he will authorize torturing their people leaving them to return the sentiment how thoughtful of the troops and citizens abroad is that?????????????????

question, was Trump present at any of the torturing or did he hear about it as he most famously gets most of his outlandish exaggerations does he plan to repeal Geneva Convention laws from the oval office by exec. order????????????