Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Watch These Young Conservatives Try To Explain Why Trump Is Their Man, But Fail Miserably (VIDEO)
Watch These Young Conservatives Try To Explain Why Trump Is Their Man, But Fail Miserably (VIDEO)
It’s somewhat terrifying listening to how some of how our young people praise Donald Trump and how he’d like to govern the country. It’s also more than disconcerting when you hear them just parrot talking points that have no basis in reality. 
Such as, “Conservative values are ensuring that the government doesn’t get too involved in people’s lives.” They’ve apparently never witnessed their conservative legislators trying to dictate the lives of women and the LGBT community. Maybe they mean ‘their lives’ — other people, well, that’s different.
You’ll also hear these kids talk about the standard catch phrases like “family values,” which has been code for “hating gays” for a very long time, as well as “limited government” which is code for “limited regulations on business.” Because as aforementioned, they have no problem making sure government gets involved in the lives of those they don’t agree with.
These young cons even had the audacity to say:
“The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.”
if this is the future of America we all need to grab our knees bend over and kiss our butts goodbye.  however i can't believe this to be the general millennials conception of who is best equipt to lead as to their misguided assumption of republican "family values" has to be either a home with no access to media collectively living under a rock or paid respondents i would not put the latter off the table it is typical right wing propaganda.

wish these kids could live independently under republican tyranny for a year and see if that same commercial flies or will they come running home screaming in fear???????????  are the girls really okay with his misogynistic views which will no doubt play a big role in his WH and sanctioned by his party you know the ones waring against women future ones too and their general consensus about rape are they really informed or like i said paid???????????????????????????????????