Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trump Rally stand-off: Supporters start screaming match with Beaufort High kids in South Carolina

I attended a Donald Trump rally last night at Beaufort High School in Beaufort, SC. A group of roughly a dozen Beaufort High kids stood outside with protest signs, politely congregating, until a group of pro-Trump people wanted to teach these fifteen-year-olds a lesson.
Trump supporters have lost their collective mind. Even when reminded that they are screaming at children, they don’t seem to care. They are so angry, they just can’t hold themselves back.
the real nature of those who support loud boisterous disrespect is shown when people over 21 argue feel compelled to scream and fill the air with blissful ignorance and showing these kids that they should not follow the same path not intentionally but through their rhetoric listen you will hear words of dissent and words of sensibility those coming from the 15 yr. olds.

good to see right wing attempts to indoctrinate their young into the not so hallowed halls of hate isn't working as well as they thought.  God Bless the child that can think for themselves. i hope they know that all the hate and anger spewed by the over 21's is a result of be republican and that being their only source of misinformation and under informing.  looks like their phones get other sites on the internet.