Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thanks to Trump, 45 percent of Latinos now see GOP as 'hostile,' up from 18 percent in 2012

SIOUX CENTER, IA - JANUARY 31:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attends a campaign rally at the Sioux City Orpheum Theatre on January 31, 2016 in Sioux City, Iowa. Trump and other presidential hopefuls are in Iowa trying to gain support and

In case anyone was wondering how badly the GOP is tanking with Latino voters, Lynn Vavreck has a reminder:
Surveys of Latinos conducted by the Gallup Organization, NBC News and CNN all show that the party’s brand has been hurt by the language of the 2016 contest. Data from ImpreMedia and Latino Decisions that spans the three years after Mitt Romney’s loss detail the magnitude and depth of the reaction to the 2016 campaign.
In 2012, only 18 percent of Latino voters thought Mr. Romney was “hostile” toward Hispanic voters. By November 2015, the number who thought that [about the GOP] had jumped to 45 percent. The largest shift was among those 18 to 35. More than three times as many young Latino respondents think the party is hostile toward them compared with 2012 results (a move to 65 percent from 18 percent in 2012).
Donald Trump has railed against anyone and everyone who's foreign in one way or another, but he launched his campaign last year with an all-out assault on Latinos in particular, characterizing them as rapists and drug dealers and criminals. Even with a field that includes three fluent Spanish speakers, the whole GOP just played along, letting The Donald drag them down to the lowest common denominator. Now the entire GOP brand is saddled with his hateful politics, regardless of who wins the nomination. 
i'm surprised it took this long for the number to rise or was the darn liberal mythical media just not reporting it for fear of influencing other Hispanics that this is not that kind of party that includes them unless the vote for them so they can continue to diss and pull in the welcome mat.  nothing will change as far as their bigotry towards Hispanics or everyone else they've alienated so far any claims to are just more bald faced lies especially since the overwhelming majority are not voting for them.