Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oregon occupiers desecrated sacred Native American grounds in the most disgusting manner possible

Man at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff calling for people to join him

the ugly face of White American bigotry and their sense of White privilege exposed as the dirt they are.

The last four occupiers told a federal judge that there were booby traps around the property:
"They spoke to us about booby traps. We don't know how sophisticated or what kind," said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity.
Materials to create explosives could be found on the refuge, the official said, because workers there previously performed controlled burns of the land.
Investigators found explosives, firearms and a truly gross discovery— the occupiers left the place in the shittiest condition possible:
Federal officials have found two large excavated trenches and an "improvised road on or adjacent to grounds containing sensitive artifacts,'' the prosecutors wrote.
"At least one of these trenches contains human feces,'' according to Knight and Barrow.The improvised road appeared three weeks into the occupation. The militants decided it would be easier to get between the buildings if they built themselves a new road—right through an important archaeological site for the Burns Paiute Tribe—which has lived on the land for roughly 6,000 years. 
The Bundy-led crew repeatedly bragged on camera about taking better care of the refuge than the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It’s safe to say we can put that idea to rest, once and for all. 
and they talk about their religious freedom being stepped on while the plow over and crap on another's.  nature has a way of cleansing itself and the decline and abandonment of the republicans and their religion is the tool.  these guys were raised in a White mom and dad house and look what that created they say many are commiting suicide check the link below surprising data

The US 2010 Final Data (link is external) quantifies the US statistics for suicide by race, sex and age. Interestingly, African-American suicides (link is external) have declined and are considerably lower than whites. 
Reasons are thought to include better coping skills when negative things occur as well as different cultural norms (link is external) with respect to taking your own life. Also, Blacks (and Hispanics) (link is external) tend to have stronger family support, community support and church support to carry them through these rough times. 
but republicans at every turn have tried to sell a decline in the Black family structure and support as the reason for each and every problem we have including those they created and continue to support.