Sunday, February 14, 2016

‘I Just Want to Get the Facts Straight’: CBS’ Dickerson Calls Out Cruz for SCOTUS Claim

dickerson cruz

GOP debate moderator John Dickerson confronted Ted Cruz early on tonight about a claim he made about the Supreme Court.
During the first part of the debate, when all the candidates addressed the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, Cruz claimed, “We have 80 years of precedent of not confirming justices in an election year.”
Dickerson said, “But Kennedy was confirmed in ’88.”
Cruz countered, “No, Kennedy was confirmed in ’87.”
Dickerson said he was appointed in 1987 but confirmed in 1988 (an election year). He was correct, and said, “I just wanted to get the facts straight.”
when you don't do your homework get under pressure you tend to either misspeak or lie but there is a bigger issue here if he buckles under a debate real world presidential obligations will make him break out in hives.
the two young guys are not battlefield vetted that is they are not ready for the big chair. got to give these commentators a thumbs up they did not let the lies stand that is what we need in those who interview those who would be leaders it shows us their strength of character or in this case lack there of.