Tuesday, February 9, 2016

CNN: Donald Trump is like a ‘Founding Father’ when he says ‘p*ssy’


Katrina Pierson speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Katrina Pierson, spokesperson for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, argued on Tuesday that saying the word “p*ssy” at a recent campaign event put her boss in the same category as America’s Founding Fathers.
While speaking about GOP hopeful Ted Cruz at a rally in Manchester on Monday, Trump repeated an audience member’s description of the Texas senator.
“She said he’s a pussy. That’s terrible,” Trump quipped to the delight of his supporters.
Pierson told CNN host Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday that Trump’s style was talking to his supporters “like he’s at a friend’s house.”
“When we look at the Founding Fathers and when they were competing, they said far worse things about each other,” Pierson insisted. “This is not nothing [sic] new. This is politics.”
Camerota interrupted: “But isn’t there a difference between political correctness and vulgarity?”
“The line to me is free speech, the First Amendment,” Pierson replied. “What I’m saying is it’s free speech, and this is the Live Free or Die state. Mr. Trump is exercising his free speech, it was in fun with the audience.”
Camerota was correct it is rude, crude and vulgar with no regard to how many children are now interested in politics and listen to these things but those voters don't care when you teach your kid to hate and discriminate your claim to "FAMILY VALUES" falls on deaf ears again this is just what the base clamors for in all it's back alley bluster the more raunchy you are the better your chances.

i know women are moving more in to mainstream society and i cheer them but republican women seem to be trying to compete for the big boy pants.  voting against women's rights, supporting a party that supports rape, denial of wage equality and healthcare and this one she is in a whole new bag and shows what a non role model looks like.  Trump has yet to denounce her but that would be tantamount to putting his hand over his own mouth, no not presidential or respectable.