Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cartoon: Hillary and Bernie supporter smackdown


I usually hate it when pundits try to play peacemaker, lamenting divisiveness and partisanship when there may be very good reasons for such behaviors to exist. But when it comes to the Democratic primaries, which I’m observing with no particular sense of attachment, I think things have taken an unnecessarily ugly turn lately. Yes, supporters and surrogates of both candidates have said stupid things. 
Hillary would do herself a favor by avoiding going negative on Bernie and his supporters, which only backfires (as some of her more prominent defenders demonstrated spectacularly over the weekend). I question some aspects of Hillary's record, but she doesn’t deserve the outright demonization coming from some quarters of the left.
Let’s not lose sight of the big picture. Ted Cruz is my senator, okay? We’re bickering over two pretty acceptable candidates while the political equivalent of the bubonic plague is threatening to descend on the United States.
take notes believe me this very well can happen remember 2010???????????????????????  please read the link below, please  don't fall in the same ditch again too much at stake for too long your great great greats will feel the sting from your decisions and actions this year. recognize