Monday, February 8, 2016

Allegations Of Racial Profiling At Marco Rubio Event In New Hampshire

There were hundreds of people packed into a Marco Rubio event on Sunday in Bedford, New Hampshire. Three of them were black.
They immediately attracted the attention of Rubio’s campaign staff.
Taisha Henry and Ugonma Ubani-Ebere, graduate students in journalism at NYU, attended the event with their professor Yvonne Latty. The three women, who are African American, had been in New Hampshire since Friday as part of group of students and faculty reporting on the primary for a class project. They were hoping to film the event.

1) there were only 3 blacks including me and students among hundreds of white people at  townhall. Hassles began fast. 
As soon as Henry and Uban-Ebere started setting up their cameras, however, a staffer told them they could not film because they did not have press credentials. The two women put their cameras away. Moments later, they were approached again by Rubio’s staff and told not to shoot video, even though they had already put their equipment away.
But they continued to attract the attention of Rubio’s staff.“[T]hen they were stared at and then they were approached again and it created this really tense atmosphere,” Latty, their professor, told ThinkProgress. Meanwhile, “another student in my class who is a white male had his camera on a tripod on a riser without a press pass.”
The incident left the two students shaken and, eventually, in tears. “It was a really horrible experience. Really horrible,” Latty said. “To be singled out that way while you are standing next to your white classmates. Repeatedly. They weren’t even doing anything.”
it's a given republicanism is primarily a white party yes there are misguided people of color self haters and wannabe's but it is a white party that caters only to the rich.  we have seen time and again in this cycle republican candidates directing their security to remove forcibly people who are not for them they pay blocks of varied races to cheer and sit behind them but when it comes to the real deal they are treated no more fairly than tose the expel from their gatherings indicating they have no intention of being their president.
Gramm's inflammatory testimony makes two basic points, which can ultimately be reduced to the same grotesque idea. One: Rich people deserve to be rich. They get paid a lot because they are valuable. Two: People who complain about their station in life have no grounds to do so unless they are rich, because rich people take too much flak from an envious public.