Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why cats aren't Republican

Living with a cat for the first time, you quickly pick up on its behavioral quirks, many of which are common among other cats. What you soon find out is that cats aren't Republican. Here are 12 reasons why not:
1. Cats are curious about what you do in your bedroom, but they don't try to legislate away your freedom to do it.
2. Cats may take away your cushion, but they'll give it back to you with a gentle push.
3. Cats give you attention and sympathy when you're sick.
4. Females are treated with importance in the cat world.
5. Cats make use of solar power, often all day long.
6. Cats lick their own problems and take care of other cats too.
7. Cats don't blame black and brown cats for their troubles.
8. Cats know how to ration their resources.
9. Fat cats are not at the top of the cat hierarchy, are not cat role models, and have more trouble surviving and thriving, not less.
10. While Republicans blindly follow authority, it is said that getting Democrats to act in unison is like herding cats.
11. Cats don't foul their own nest.
12. Cats are popular and well-liked on the Internet and elsewhere.

my last cat i had for 18 years loved her to death.  my friends i knew her she was no republican!!