Friday, January 15, 2016

Right-wing caravan to DC in doubt after co-founder killed his fellow 'patriot' in drunken gun fight

Charles Carter

Charles Carter and Vincent Smith were right-wing extremists planning a "Paul Revere 2016 Final March to Restore America"— a cross-country caravan to “remove the corrupt leadership that has taken over our beloved country and ousted her God and constitution.“
On Monday, police in Grayson County, Texas reported one person was dead as the result of a gunshot wound to the head. Although they didn’t name the victim or the suspect, Raw Story​ notes that right-wingers on Facebook were quick to identify the victim as Charles Carter and the shooter as Vincent Smith:
I'm sad to forward this message Charles Carter was one true red blooded American who loved this country and his brothers and sisters in arms. Attached is a letter from a very close friend of his about what happened spread the word. Dear friends it's my dearest regrets to have to share this heart breaking new with you tonight. That OUR fellow patriot and brother Charles Carter is no longer with us . 
He gone to be with Jesus. Today killed by a fellow patriot Vincent Smith. Who was suppose to be his brother in arms and friend. Please keep this in the group for now it's my job as next to kin. To make sure I take care of the claiming of the body and arrangements. With his family. Please pray for our family and friends in this time of need and prayers. He was was my most proud and loyal friend of over 11yrs. And hS stood by my side every inch of the way with me and my little boy. He will truly be missed. Charles Carter 10/25/71-1-11-16 RIP BROTHER.
One of Vincent’s friends share the alleged events on Facebook:
Bill Williamson It was self defense Charles was PM ing me minutes before he attacked Vincent. Charles pulled  Vincent Smith gun from Vincent holster and pointed at Vincent. He was drunk and Vincent shot Charles with a spare gun that he was caring. Vincent called me minutes after the Marshal left. The Marshall ruled it self defense.
Local news reported there were no arrests:
 The Grayson County Sheriff's Office says the homeowner was detained and questioned by authorities about the shooting, but no arrests were made at the time, and only the homeowner and the victim were involved.
what is the mention of "homeowner" suppose to do lessen the impact of the incident?????  good thing they weren't in one of those carry in bars could have been a blood bath everybody drunk and shooting willy nilly. this is another death by stupidity involving a gun.  if story as presented is true why no arrest White privilege maybe?????????????