Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rachel Maddow debunks misremembered Ronald Reagan for GOP candidates


Recently GOP candidates have been attacking President Obama on the deal he made to bring the hostages home from Iran. Marco Rubio told Chuck Todd he would be like Ronald Reagan in dealing with Iran. Unfortunately Rubio is severely misremembering a Ronald Reagan who traded arms for hostages in Iran. He admitted it on national TV. Many of his National Security team were indicted. It was known as the Iran Contra scandal.

the fact that they keep going back to Reagan just to have it rebuked every time, tells us they have no heroes. the video points out the deceptive references made about Reagan he was no hero he lied trickle down, traded guns to Iran, raised taxes many times truth is this guy the keep hearlding would not be allowed in the party today yet they still hold him up as their object of perfection.