Friday, January 22, 2016

Drama in conservative crazytown after Palin is mysteriously absent from scheduled Trump events
AMES, IA - JANUARY 19:   Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shakes hands with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center at Iowa State University on January 19, 2016 in Ames, IA. Trump received Palin's endorse

Donald Trump was supposed to be taking the former half-term governor of Alaska on tour in Iowa after her much-sought after endorsement on behalf of crazy people everywhere. But, there may be trouble in paradise because she’s mysteriously absent from today’s campaign events:
When asked to explain her absence from the spotlight at Trump’s rallies, a Trump spokeswoman parsed words saying their announcement of her as a “special guest” never meant she'd be on stage. 
But, Palin hasn’t been spotted at any events? Perhaps she’s gone back to Wasilla to help her son get out of jail. He was arrested this week at her home (where he lives) on charges of assault, interfering with a report of domestic violence, and possession of a weapon while intoxicated. The police report is disturbing:
“(She) told Palin that she had called the cops even though she had not, in attempt to calm him down and to scare him away from ‘touching her,’” the affidavit said. “Palin approached (her) and struck her on the left side of her face with a closed fist.”
The woman then told police she fell to the ground in the fetal position and Palin kicked her in her knee before picking up her phone and throwing it.
According to the affidavit, the woman grabbed her phone and went inside, where she said she found Palin holding a gun with the barrel pointed near his face and saying, “Do you think I won’t do it?”
“(The woman) was concerned that he would shoot himself and ran outside and around the house,” Kappler wrote. She eventually hid under the bed, where she was discovered by police.
This isn’t Track Palin’s first drunken assault in Alaska. He was the instigator of the now famous fight at a Wasilla party that involved Track, Todd and Bristol assaulting several people at a birthday party.
Maybe she’s home visiting her new granddaughter, Sailor, the second child by a second man for the still unmarried Bristol Palin. [NOTE: I am not personally judging Bristol Palin, but I believe when you run on your “values” and morals being superior to others, it’s fair game.]
Anyway you slice it, the Palin family is not the model moral family they bill themselves to be in public. They are a national embarrassment and the fact Donald Trump would allow Sarah Palin anywhere near a shared stage, let alone a position in a fantasy presidential cabinet, tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and their collective judgement.
We’ll probably never know whether she was uninvited from the rallies by Trump or whether she took off to tend to her family, but let’s take one last minute to reflect on the fact that John McCain once chose this woman to be his running mate and one heartbeat away from the presidency:

i'm thinking do to the lackluster reception and halfazz applause she received and the still incoherence of her speaking Trump had second thoughts and dumped her. had it been about family i really think they would have said that keeping up her Sarah Barracuda and mama grizzly self anointed image.