Friday, January 22, 2016

Oregon community meeting turns into high drama when Ammon Bundy and his uninvited militia showed up

Ammon Bundy and militia arrive at a community meeting

The residents of Harney County gathered last night for their weekly meeting about Ammon Bundy and the armed militants he brought to their community. Bundy and the militia have made numerous requests to hold a meeting in a county building to address the community, but the local officials aren’t having it. They’ve said time and time again that they will not allow Bundy and his criminals to use their facilities. 
After all, this group of armed occupiers has repeatedly called for people like Judge Steven Grasty to be arrested and tried for treason. Last night, Judge Grasty took the microphone to address the crowd and he stepped right to Ammon Bundy and told him he’d be “happy to meet him any place outside my county.” In short, Judge Grasty ain’t taking no shit from Ammon Bundy.
was this concern for the meeting and wanting to be involved or was this more IMO a intimidation effort to keep the city in check and them in place.  where are the state police, nat'l guard there are enough stat wide law enforcers to go in and solve their own problem  republicans want to return all power to the state here's an opportunity to prove they can or cannot handle it.

there are a few videos check them out great example of White on White crime showing us who really should be feared those with White privilege or those who would have been killed long ago had they tried this same thing no who your enemy is.  why aren't the remedies the same??????????????????????????????

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