Saturday, January 23, 2016

D'oh! Cruz Campaigns Concedes He Had Insurance Coverage All Along


In a reversal from claims made on the campaign trail, Ted Cruz's presidential campaign is now saying the senator and his family do have health insurance and never lost coverage. The late night Friday revelation came more than 24 hours after Cruz had told a New Hampshire audience that he and his family were without health insurance and were scrambling to obtain new coverage--and used the claim to slam Obamacare for the mess he was in.
In statements to Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal, campaign spokeswoman Catherine Frazier blamed Cruz's false assertion that his family had lost their health insurance on a misunderstanding. She said an insurance broker told Cruz that BlueCross BlueShield of Texas was dropping his PPO plan, but Frazier said that the broker did not tell Cruz his family was automatically being transferred to the carrier's HMO plan.
"Based on this information, Sen. Cruz believed the family was uninsured and asked the broker to pull quotes immediately for a new policy," Frazier said.
Thursday, the senator had said he "got a notice in the mail" that "Blue Cross Blue Shield was leaving the market." When TPM had asked BCBS of Texas when and how had it notified members about changes to their coverage, an official pointed to an announcement in July that explained that the insurer was dropping its PPOs but its HMO plans would be available for consumers.
okay there is no misunderstanding or misquote the man lied made his wife complicit and knew it as he was doing it you would think people whose primary character attribute is perpetual liar would at least learn how to do it more convincingly.  this may be fine for republican voters the more dastardly you are the more likely you are to be their guy/woman, the rest of us tend to like our leaders honest and on our side.