Friday, January 15, 2016

Daily News goes nuclear on Donald Trump, says he used 'a foot boo-boo to dodge Vietnam'

daily news donald trump
this is a repost by me
When Trump launched his presidential campaign last month, the New York tabloid presented Trump on its front page as a clown. But Tuesday's cover is even more brutal, mocking Trump for questioning Sen. John McCain's (R-Arizona) war record while using what it describes as weak excuses to "dodge" the Vietnam War draft himself.
The front page features a photo of Trump in uniform while he attended New York Military Academy.
An arrow points to his medals and sarcastically declares, "And here's his medal for being neat."
here is your commander and chief wannabe taking on te world i remember him saying "i'll be so good at military your head will spin" my head is spinning just from his choice of wording.  military school does not make you presidential material yet some forget his ranting of how stupidly things are run he has no experience so he would have to lead the military by the seat of his pants  making him no better than those he chooses to demonize for knowing what he doesn't you trust him??????????????????????