Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bush Brings Up Black-On-Black Crime When Asked About Police Shootings


When asked about the federal government's role in addressing tension between the police and minority communities during a meeting with the Des Moines Register editorial board on Wednesday, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush brought up black-on-black shooting rates.
The Republican presidential candidate talked specifically about whether the government has a role in addressing police shootings when it comes to civil rights issues. He said he supported the government becoming involved when there is "overt discrimination."
“Putting aside a police officer shooting a black man, most of the crimes are black on black in the communities. Most by far," Bush added. "The police shooting of unarmed black males, which is what the conversation is about as I understand it, is very small."
"So I’m not sure that that’s necessarily a civil rights issue, but if it is, yeah, of course the federal government, the justice department has a right and a responsibility to enforce the law," he said. "But I think it’s gone beyond that."
Bush was initially asked if it was correct that he sees a limited role for the government in easing tension between the police and minority communities.
"Yeah, I do," the governor said before he was interrupted by accidentally answering a call on his Apple watch.
"The gun violence in our urban areas is clearly up in most big areas. Police violence in that is a small, tiny part, but it is an important part to restore trust for the police departments," he later continued. "The president has a role to be a uniter in these regards and to rebuild trust and to participate in that."
"But I worry that every time there is an instant [sic] and it’s all videoed in some fashion, not necessarily completely showing the full story — you all see that every day now, you’re in the digital world — and then the Justice Department comes in with a quick, ‘We’re going to have to investigate,’ it furthers the distrust [sic] that we need to build," he added.
looks like he was dancing and realized the elephant dung he just stepped in but it's their way bring up a pertinent issue they try to redirect especially when fault is obvious as pertaining to the question.  it's a wonder he didn't go off on broken homes no father present no work ethic.  police violence is a national problem not a small tiny part it's  4 figures many may say more Whites are killed by police but idf you think about it if you have 100 ducks 200 -pelicans and you kill 50% than yeah more pelicans get killed but it's only because it's more of them like it's more Whites.  thank God the more are not all republican voters.