Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oregon Militiamen Have Trouble Finding Place To Hold Their Community Meeting


County officials will not allow Oregon's "Constitutional" crusaders to address the community from a county facility, the Oregonian is reporting.
Ammon Bundy–the militiamen's leader–had announced earlier this week that he would unveil an exit strategy Friday evening to the people of Harney County at a meeting hosted by the sympathetic Harney County Committee of Safety. But the meeting space the group was banking on will not be available for the militiamen.
In a statement, Harney County commissioner Steven Grasty told the Oregonian that the county might have a "longstanding practice of allowing community groups to use county facilities," but "we unfortunately now find ourselves in a place where the county must deny those facilities to any group that is supportive of, associated with, or on the behalf of the militants at the refuge."
Bundy and the self-styled Harney County Committee of Safety, comprised of locals who are sympathetic to the militia at the refuge, still plan to hold the meeting, but the location is still to be determined.
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