Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ammon Bundy issues plea to remaining militants via his attorney: 'Please stand down'

Ammon Bundy(C), leader of a group of armed anti-government protesters speaks to the media as other members look on at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon January 4, 2016. The FBI on January 4 sought a peaceful end to the occupation by

Ammon Bundy has a message for the remaining armed militants at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge:
"I'm asking the federal government to allow the people at the refuge to go home without being prosecuted," Bundy said through his attorney Mike Arnold, who stood outside court to read Bundy's statement. "To those remaining at the refuge, I love you. Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families. This fight is ours for now in the courts. Please go home."
The remaining men and women appeared in a live stream on YouTube earlier today and seemed resolute for this to end in a gun battle. Let’s hope they get the message conveyed through Bundy’s attorney and lay down their guns.
Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 · 9:36:16 PM EST · Jen Hayden
The Bundy Ranch Facebook page, which has 158,000 followers just posted the following very unhelpful message:
ALERT! From Ammon's wife, Lisa: Ammon would not have called for the patriots to leave. We have lost a life but we are not backing down. He didn't spill his blood in vain! Hold your ground... Ranchers come and stand! Committee of Safety come and stand! Militia come and stand!
my best case scenario 'ol boy Ammon spent one night let's say in the company of Bubba and called for a deal to get the others to stand down if they just put him somewhere safe.  meanwhile wifey worried how Ammon will comeback per Ben Carson ( ) and stands by her man wants the others to think he didn't assume the fetal position and cry.

there that is how i would write that scene.  the trouble with mob mentality like a snake cut off the head and the body will usually die in an hour takes a little longer for treasonous militants.  where's that dedicated true till death do i part just yesterday they were saying they were willing to die to make their point?????
and then there were 4.........