Thursday, December 10, 2015

Muslim scholar Dalia Mogahed used Dylann Roof to make an important point


Dalia Mogahed once again appeared on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. Dalia Mogahed is the co-author of the book “Who Speaks For Islam? and Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. Earlier in the program spoke an inconvenient truth. It is so important to have voices like Dalia Mogahed on air especially in these times of overreaction and fearmongering. Chuck Todd deserves kudos for putting her fact based point of view on air.
Ms. Mogahed was a part of Chuck Todd's panel that seemed completely unable to coherently discuss the real state of terrorism. They continue to see the problem as an Islamic problem.
must see must hear video,  this lady clears up so much misleading info created by the republican propaganda machine we need more like her on all fronts not just Muslims to stand and correct we know we can't depend on host like Todd to do so he's said it's not his job.