Saturday, December 5, 2015

Man guns down Waffle House server after she asks him not to smoke inside—are you keeping count, NRA?


Another tragic shooting took place over the Thanksgiving weekend leaving a 52-year-old woman of Biloxi, Mississippi dead. The murder took place early Friday morning around 1AM. Julie Bridgtwell, a server who had been working with Waffle House for eight years, simply told a customer not to smoke inside the restaurant. Jacqueline Quynh with WKRG reports:
“There was a verbal disagreement over the customer smoking, during the disagreement the customer pulled a pistol from his waistband fired the weapon one time striking the employee in the head,” said Lt. Milton Houseman, Biloxi Police Department.
The victim died on the way to the hospital. And that customer has now been identified as 45-year-old Johnny Mount. Police say he stayed on the scene and was arrested without incident when officers arrived. He’s now at Harrison County Jail on $2 million bond.
“It was a senseless killing over a cigarette,” said Mike Tapp, Biloxi.
The case is still under investigation. Does it matter? As long as the NRA (National Rifle Association) is allowed to buy lawmakers who refuse to challenge current gun background laws—nothing changes. 
According to Waffle House policy, neither smoking nor guns are allowed inside the restaurant.
That doesn’t stop an angry man with a gun. It’s a gut-wrenching story all too familiar with the American people, and our hearts go out to loved ones of Julie Brightwell. The victim’s friends have set up a GoFundMe account for help with funeral expenses. Click here to view the GoFundMe page.
hmmm who really bears the brunt of this the killer or those in office that pass gun carry laws into public places but if it's concealed doesw that not render the no gun sign mute???????  this too will go ignored by those who just have to be able to carry a gun for just such occasions you never know when a person might sight a law that you are infracting and your republican given rights are being trampled on where are those founding guys when your 2nd amendment rights are also being questioned??????????????????

another life gone and still republicans fight for your right to have and carryto bad they aren't asw zealous about right to life after birth.