Sunday, December 13, 2015

Major Electric Utility Dumps ALEC over Clean Power Plan

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has suffered the loss of another major corporate sponsor, the Guardian reported Tuesday, with the electric utility American Electric Power (AEP) announcing it will no longer provide the climate change denial group with funding from 2016.
AEP becomes the 107th identified corporation to have withdrawn funding since the Center for Media and Democracy launched the ALEC Exposed project in 2011, joining others such as Shell, BP, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
ALEC’s "Guerrilla Warfare" against the EPA
State legislators at recent ALEC conferences have been instructed to engage in "guerrilla warfare" against the EPA, and to bring about a "political tsunami" to block pollution controls.
ALEC has numerous items of so called "model" legislation to block the rules in a variety of ways. It has been encouraging its members since 2013, long before the draft rules were even published, to engage their state attorneys general to litigate to block the rules in the courts. So far 27 states have filed suit.
"ALEC has repeatedly adopted the position that regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act is unnecessary, ineffective, and economically destructive," Todd Wynn wrote in 2012 when he was task force Director of ALEC’s Energy Environment and Agriculture task force. Wynn is now a lobbyist for the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), a trade association funded in part by AEP.
ALEC Climate Change Denial
ALEC conferences frequently include presentations, keynotes and workshops by climate change deniers, providing state legislators with dangerously inaccurate facts designed to undermine calls for action to tackle climate change. These sessions, according to an ALEC document obtained by CMD, are designed to provide legislators with the "motivation" to promote the ALEC agenda.
At the ALEC 2014 annual meeting in Dallas, Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast led a workshop for legislators.
i still maintain the denial is a thinly veiled effort to keep from admitting the relevance of climate change doing so will give them no legs to stand on in their real war on regulation they have no legs now only denial out of hand we have 97% of scientist but they control the congress and  they being republican and okay with big business pollution with nothing more than implausible denial as a defense.