Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ex GOP lawmaker says Republicans are not rational, not conservative and have 12-year-old thinking


Moyers describes Edwards as a believer of compromise and bipartisanship, but Edwards has fears about the current Republicans and feels the Party has lost the conservative principles. He talks about how Republicans today follow party leaders, follow campaign contributors, and often sign pledges to block a bill even before even seeing it. He says when he was in Congress he would vote based on three things:
1. Listening seriously to constituents (maybe not always agreeing, but listening)
2. Thinking about and learning about issues, getting as much information as possible
3. Following the Constitution
Edwards says lawmakers making a pledge to do anything but that—is undercutting the whole purpose of being part of the government.
Republicans boast they have never raised taxes—in over 20 years. Moyers calls it “disquieting” and brings up the fact that during those years Republicans led us into two wars without asking us or telling us how we'd pay for it, they paid vast expenditures to fight terrorism, and gave big tax breaks to the top earning and richest Americans. Edwards says the above decisions are certainly not conservatism, and they are not “rational.” 
He points out it's childish to think we can spend without paying. But U.S. lawmakers are signing all or nothing pledges on issues like immigration and taxes rather than asking if they serve the people and the Constitution. He says money plays way too big of a part in our political system today, from both sides, and there's no control over it.
they are jumping a sinking ship but it's good to hear the the bubbles of truth popping around the surface.  the pessimist in me feels even if this is posted on their front doors or refrig. doors those that blindly go about the republican rhetoric will hear it see it and still believe the lies proudly.  after hearing lies for decades when confronted with the truth it's like lights on lights off  and they know something is wrong but that which has been their platform wins out and they go on in the bliss of the under informed, republicans smile and high five.