Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bombshell in Kansas Courts: DCF Engaged in Witch Hunt Practices Against LGBT Homes


On Friday, December 4, 2015, documents regarding District Judge Kathleen Sloan’s 2013 ruling relating to the placement of a child by Kansas Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) were published by the Wichita Eagle. With the text of the ruling came a bombshell: the State of Kansas DCF practiced “witch hunt” tactics against LGBT foster homes and potential adoptive parents.
In the release, chronicled by Bryan Lowry at the Wichita Eagle, the Judge makes very clear the standard procedures of the state DCF.
DCF placed “their concerns for the ‘gay/lesbian’ classification above concerns for the child’s best interest, contrary to established law,” wrote Sloan, a District Court judge in Johnson County.
E-mails from DCF officials cited in the opinion show that agency officials sought to have the women’s foster care license revoked and talked about needing a negative psychological evaluation to support their case.
“In essence, DCF conducted a ‘witch hunt’ and made a concerted, purposeful effort … to obtain negative information … because they are homosexual women in a committed relationship,” Sloan wrote.
An e-mail exchange between Myers and other DCF officials in June, quoted in the opinion, stated that Gilmore considered the case to be the “Highest Priority” and that she was pushing for the child to be moved into a home with the adoptive “parents of the siblings ASAP.”
Earlier that month Myers e-mailed Simoneau and another DCF official that “We need a strong psych and medical case against them,” referring to the lesbian couple. When a psychologist did not see any issues with their parenting ability, Myers and Simoneau “second-guessed” the assessment despite not being medical professionals themselves, the opinion said.
where are Cruz and Huckabee shouldn't this be another Kim Davis photo opt moment for republicans same scenario gov't workers usurping the law to impose their own bigotry on LGB&T community??
taking a kid away and placing them in a "better environment" like the Duggars and other familiar abusers we've read about is not better it's discrimination and against the law but states rights this is why republicans want them to run rough shod over who they please.

this is not all other incidents are sure to pop up the more that do the more we'll see.  God Bless the children