Thursday, November 12, 2015

White supremacists plot to bomb and shoot up black churches. Again.

Ku Klux Klan rally July 18, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina.

According to the FBI, Robert Doyle, Ronald Beasley Chaney, and Charles Halderman got tired of waiting on the coming race war and decided to set things off themselves. The trio was arrested November 8 for planning all sorts of mayhem. Their plot involved killing a jewelry dealer and robbing an armored car so they could buy property and weapons to start training for the coming race war. Oh, and they were also going to kill a gun dealer in Oklahoma, but no reason was given for that. Then they would bomb black churches and a couple of synagogues, too, for good measure.
The FBI says it received a tip that things were in the works last September, so they arranged for an undercover operative to pose as an arms dealer and make contact with the men.
Agents descended on a home on Candlewood Lane in Chesterfield County, Virginia, that was the base of operations.
For some strange reason, white supremacists—who blame all manner of evil-doing in the world on blacks and Jews—always seem to be the ones engaged in all manner of evil-doing in the world.
and Fox would have you believe your biggest new racial fear is BLACK LIVES MATTER do you who follow them feel a little under informed or are you perfectly okay because their threats weren't at you or your friends??????????????  not really a strange reason, republicans make things like this possible gun carry laws, free speech twisting. and keeping their red meat troughs full.