Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mitch McConnell's Obamacare repeal strategy hits roadblock

Mitch McConnell has a problem. Well, three problems: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul. These three have warned McConnell that his trick to pass Obamacare repeal through budget reconciliation will get their vote only if it repeals absolutely everything in the law—everything from Medicaid to pre-existing conditions to free flu shots. Here's how that problem just got a lot worse for McConnell. 
The Senate parliamentarian ruled Tuesday afternoon that some provisions of a GOP bill to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood did not survive the so-called Byrd rule, which governs when the powerful procedural tool known as reconciliation can be used. But top GOP Senate aides also noted the parliamentarian ruled that the bill was "privileged," meaning it can avoid a filibuster. Republicans also maintained that the problem could be resolved relatively easily on the floor with a substitute amendment.
The ruling from the parliamentarian found that two mandates that would be repealed in the GOP bill -- the individual mandate and the employer mandate -- did not survive the so-called Byrd rule, according to a senior Democratic aide.
What's the number one thing Republicans have railed against from the beginning in Obamacare? The individual mandate, with the employer mandate a close second. Those can't be included in this reconciliation bill and pass muster with the parliamentarian, unless McConnell gets enough votes to overrule the parliamentarian. 
That's kind of a big thing in a presidential election cycle, when a whole mess of Republican senators are running for reelection in states that don't have a big tea party bent. Like Sens. Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, or Mark Kirk in Illinois. They might think playing fast and loose with the rules on such a purely political, purely symbolic vote isn't in their best interest.
And speaking of some of those folks, here's the other part of McConnell's problem:
But a provision defunding Planned Parenthood—a measure that could give heartburn to moderates who don't support stripping funding from the women's health group—could be included in the reconciliation bill, according to the parliamentarian's ruling.
Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Susan Collins (R-ME), Mark Kirk, and possibly more "moderates" don't want this part included in the reconciliation bill. Says Murkowski, the Planned Parenthood provisions are "a big issue," So McConnell's got at least three senators who won't vote for anything short of complete repeal of Obamacare—and possibly four, because Utah's Mike Lee has made some noises like that, too. Then he's got at least three who won't want to take this Planned Parenthood vote. 
they are vying for the woman's vote hard while still warring against them kinda two faced but bottom line they are still trying to take healthcare and any medical aid from both men and women and here's a shocker from those who cheer and will vote for them will be in the same jackpot recognize.

ever wonder why they never put these divisively egregious bills up by themselves they always have to attach it to something that would benefit we the people where as that attachment either strips or does not do anything for the people??????????  if you were to vote for them there would never be another bill that would benefit us it's not in their nature to help and serve American citizens not even those who vote for them.