Friday, November 20, 2015

Louisiana state police say Bobby Jindal isn't tracking anyone, is full of sh$t

Bobby Jindal

Remember how former presidential candidate and all-around crummy human being Governor Bobby Jindal said, in a last-ditch effort to remind people of his existence, that he would ban Syrian refugees (even orphans) from entering his economically depressed state of Louisiana? Maybe you remember him writing to President Obama demanding answers GODDAMMIT!!!! Maybe you remember his appearance yesterday, on the apex of journalism’s Fox News saying:
“I issued an executive order telling my agencies to do everything we can. We don’t want these refugees in our state. I’ve ordered the state police to track the ones that are already in Louisiana.”It turns out Bobby “It’s My Prerogative” Jindal isn’t much for telling the God’s honest truth about what he does or doesn’t do. 
Asked if it was true the state police would be tracking Syrian refugees in the state, Doug Cain, spokesman for the state police, said: “No, no.”
He added: “We are just keeping an open line of communication with federal authorities to make sure everyone is safely settled. We’re not going to be tracking people, following people, anything like that.”
Let me paraphrase the above quote for you: Governor Bobby Jindal is Full. Of. Shit. Other ways to paraphrase Governor Bobby Jindal:
Dumb as a brick.
i think it's too late for this one the state police kinda sealed his fate swimming with the fishes.  why would they defy and deny with such voracity if he were doing such a great job looks like they want him out as well as his constituents they are tossing anchors not lifesavers

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