Friday, November 20, 2015

Cartoon: The GOP's Holy War 

there are those in the republican party and most in the right wing that know exactly what they are doing they have been for years trying to instigate attacks by extremist by actions and rhetoric from constantly saying the Pres. is weak though he's taken down more of their elite than republicans ever thought about they were too busy bashing Pres. to notice what was really happening and when they did know they lied about it's validity and blamed Pres.

some don't know they just follow the talking point de jour or saying the stupid crap.  Trump has money and interest we don't know about war is profitable for those who just want more money he is that kind of person he brags about what he tells us he has probably tearing him apart that he can't give his real net worth.

i say that to say do you really think he would not be involved someway like Cheney/Bush and their oil think about all the real estate opportunities he would be privy to he brags also how he can out deal is that just Trump for nefarious dealer???????????  keep in mind where the war talk comes from and who profits.  vote your interest and it can't be more war be honest.