Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jeb! Bush endorsed by 'a no good son of a bitch'

Former Senator and Presidential candidate Bob Dole, 91, is greeted by a supporter as he campaigns for Republican U.S. Senator Pat Roberts at American Legion Post #370 in Overland Park, Kansas November 2, 2014. American voters will decide which party contr

Well, this is awkward. On Wednesday, Jeb! Bush was humbled and grateful to have former senator and Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole endorse him and join the campaign as his veterans' chairman. And now there’s a snippet from President George H.W. Bush’s new book making the rounds:
And there is plenty of dish: Bush’s distaste for 1988 Republican rival Bob Dole (‘a no good son of a bitch’) ...
Oops. It’s not the first time Daddy Bush’s book has caused Jeb! some embarrassment … and odds are, it won’t be the last time.
just wondering since mama Bush told him not to go and he's been proving her instincts correct on a daily basis and the family now kinda not really helping out are the trying to torpedo him so as to prevent any further disgrace to the family like W didn't already seal that deal?????  just sayin

and just who is he, he speaks of himself in the third person is he saying "aqnd that's that"????  or is it not so much not open to question as i really don't have any answers for anything i just said or was he just doing it so he wouldn't forget who he was??????