Sunday, November 8, 2015

‘God’s Spokesman’: A New GOP Frontrunner Comes To Florida

THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA — A gasp rippled through the aisles of the bookstore as hundreds of mainly older, white women waiting to see Dr. Ben Carson realized the neurosurgeon, author, and presidential candidate was in the building. “I can see him,” squealed a white-haired woman, clutching a stack of books to her chest and straining on her tiptoes as those around her cheered. Another breathlessly told ThinkProgress, “We waited here for hours, no chairs, no nothing. But we endured because we wanted to see him.”
“It’s definitely a good thing,” Nancy Fauser told ThinkProgress. “You don’t want to get caught up in the political arena. To heck with the politics. So I like that he’s not a lawyer and he’s not a politician. I think our country has gone down the wrong path and he’s the only one who can bring us back.”
Through it all, as he signed thousands of books a day, posed for pictures, and shook hand after hand, Carson maintained his typical calm smile. Even when taking questions from the press, which he did at each stop on the tour, he seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself. 
He joked that the Secret Service protection he will soon have will help keep pesky reporters away from him. He serenely stuck by his decades-old belief that the Egypt’s pyramids were built to store grain, not to honor Pharoahs. He shrugged off questions he couldn’t answer, telling reporters: “There are a lot of policies that I lack knowledge on.”
As his opponents scramble to brand themselves as both political outsiders and self-made individuals — even those that come from wealthy, politically powerful families — Carson comes across as effortlessly both.
“I’m not a politician,” he said at his book signing. “I don’t sit around and strategize what to do next. I just be myself. It’s real easy. And if I become president, you’ll see I won’t age as fast as everybody else does, because they’ve always got their finger up in the air trying to figure out what they’re supposed to do. I’ll just do what’s right.”
When cable TV reporters tried repeatedly to goad him into attacking Donald Trump, who recently questioned whether he has the experience to be president, Carson replied that many types of experience have value, and that he has handled more life-and-death situations as a doctor than any of his opponents.
these are his qualifications being a doctor and dealing with life a death makes you numeral uno for the guy they want to lead he doesn't sit around strategizing on what to do next, isn't that the same position taken by Bush that cost thousands of lives millions od taxpayer dollars and putting us in a perpetual state of war and right wing politics by oligarchy?????????????????????

God sent him, he fit's their criteria he lies he has no knowledge of which way is up he has no plan and will be a right wing puppet following Gover Norquist rules,

do you really know republican base who and what you're voting for who really pulls all strings purse and puppet??????????????????????????????  and they said Pres. had no experience and it was a negative now they have their very own house "N" and that inexperience goes out the window 
 i would like to quote Joan Walsh's book title "WHAT IS WRONG WITH WHITE PEOPLE"???????