Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Former Mayor who helped keep Ten Commandments monument on state property busted for shoplifting


You may remember back in 2001, when the ACLU sued to challenge a Ten Commandments monument erected at the Grand Junction City Hall, in Colorado. As with most insane religious stuff, it was clear to anyone with half a brain that the Ten Commandments monument was not going to be able to remain in the same fashion, unless a rag-tag group of religious zealots figured out a way to get around it. Enter the Grand Junction City Council and City Councilman/twice Mayor Reford Theobold:
City Councilman Reford Theobold said Grand Junction would immediately order granite to build five new monuments depicting important legal documents from British and U.S. history such as the Magna Carta.
City officials conceived the idea for the new $50,000 “Cornerstones of Law and Order” plaza after the ACLU threatened to sue the city over the Ten Commandments monument. There will also be a disclaimer that the city does not endorse any particular religion.
Listen, the man is religious and believes that the Ten Commandments are the word of God as He told Moses atop Mount Sinai. Maybe he thinks it was burned into the granite via fireball like in the Cecil B. DeMille/Charlton Heston film The Ten Commandments. Maybe Reford Theobold is a big bag of stinking hypocrisy?
Reford Theobold, 61, was ticketed at about noon on Friday on suspicion of theft by shoplifting after an employee of Cabela’s, 2424 U.S. Highway 6&50, observed Theobold take several “Big Hunk” candy bars, hide them in a file folder and walk past registers without paying, an officer wrote in the summons. 
The police officer noted Theobold was a vendor for Cabela’s.
Theobold also had two maps which weren’t paid for, the summons said.
Reford, for his part, has been very contrite, calling his actions “stupid.” Personally, I’m not scandalized by a little shoplifting. But when your big political action is to force the Ten Commandments on your community and legal system and then you can’t follow those Commandments...well, c’mon!
there has been dare i say on both sides those who hold themselves up as a pillar of society and role models only to walk away from the podium and assume their other persona.  a former  mayor shoplifting is one thing but if you intentionally wrap yourself in religion you really should not be a violator of that you supposedly support.  but that seems to be a republican thing at least they get exposed more than any other affiliations by offenders.  professing the religious mantra while engaging in not Christian like rhetoric or acts.