Monday, July 20, 2015

A Lioness Captures A Baby Baboon And Does The LAST Thing You’d Expect

Aw, looks like the lion was more interested in having a nuzzle than eating the poor thing. So cute!

you know this is i don't know what but it seems the predators of the world the natural enemies are becoming more humane and compassionate while we watch the human counterparts become more savage and more like wild animals in their treatment and ideas of treatment which can be viewed as tantamount to devouring who they have managed to create as their natural enemies.

they are trying to assert themselves as king of the concrete jungles hunting down and killing except those previous predators did it for food the new predators do it for the hell of it i say that because i'm not convinced the majority know why or what for they are supposed to hate others.

another distinction wild savage animals very rarely attack their own species, the new savage animals only attack their own species. so they don't believe in evolution but are they not the end result of just that????????

please click through all the pics in the article, i leave with another example of how we should reconsider who holds the title of wild savage animal predators.