Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear White America - this crap has to stop. "Bomb Threat At Greenville Vigil For Charleston Victims"

nothing changes the beat of hate goes on decade after decade century after century, millennia after millennia guess the earth imploding or exploding will stop it if we don't oh wait they say there's an asteroid heading this way./s

Allen Temple AME Church in Greenville was evacuated after a bomb threat.
People were attending a vigil for the Charleston church shooting victims.
According to Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller authorities have been on the phone for the past hour with the person who made the bomb threat.
The man told police a description of a container the bomb is in and when it will detonate.
Bomb sniffing dogs have been also been called in.
There have been road closures due to the bomb threat. Vardry St from Green Ave to Anderson St and Green Ave from Vardry St to Markley St have all been closed.
I don't want to hear any more white denial or excuses or minimizing. I don't want to hear about how the Confederate Flag is merely a piece of cloth or how its legitimacy is for the people of South Carolina to discuss and determine.  
Heidi Beirich, director of The Intelligence Project for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery, Ala., says such groups have been growing over the past 10 years and "for several years South Carolina has been the place with the highest density of hate groups." The SPLC maintains an interactive map of hate groups in the United States.
The states with the highest number of hate groups by population density in the United States have traditionally been South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi, Ms. Beirich says. "There's been an ongoing backlash to the changes we're seeing in society. We're getting to be a more demographically diverse place…. So if you come from a tradition of racist beliefs and you see what's happening in this society right now, you're not happy about it.”
those who are engendered with the racist ideology are not going to change their thoughtlessness they will only perpetrate it.  they know census projects them to be the new minority by 2042 i think this is a major propellant in the racial angst that drives the murders and religious zealotry promoting the acts we are now seeing everyday and with a not seen since slavery the impunity with which they commit these acts.