Friday, December 19, 2014

Assault Rifle Amusement Park For Children Set To Open In Florida

A while back some idiots in Texas thought it would be a great idea to have a meet and greet with gun bearing kids sitting on Santa's lap.
Not to be outdone by Texas stupidity, Florida has taken things even further.
Assault Rifle Theme Park For Children:
A new attraction where children as young as 13 fire military-grade weapons in zombie, gangster and cowboy-themed simulators has been slammed by gun control campaigners.
Although management claim their Orlando, Florida, attraction provides a safe place for the use of firearms, critics claim it is unsuitable for an area known for its child-friendly attractions.
The website for the business - named Machine Gun America - states it is Orlando's 'first automatic adrenaline attraction'.
Alls it would take is one 'concerned citizen on 911' to end one of these kids lives, if some other accident doesn't happen first.
 Of course this is not about gun safety, firearm awareness or even common sense... its about being Rambo or living out The Walking Dead fantasies:
It explains: 'Whether you're looking to unleash your inner action star or become a zombie hunter, experience the exhilarating rush of shooting real machine guns and powerful firearms for a thrill like any other.'
it's clear that right wing zealots do not want a better life for their kids they want to lessen their chances of growing up.  is this the continuation of what i thought they were doing preparing for another civil war, this time arming crazies early and creating replacement soon to be crazies in case they can't defeat the gov't.  by teaching their kids this attitude kids think is cool and grownup, they are condemning them to a certain future death or life in privatized prisons.  they can already carry in church where's the love for God in the book they hold on to but never seem to read, evangelicals have people to tell them what it means the two are mutually exclusive.