Friday, February 19, 2016

Extreme Outrage To Conspicuous Silence: What Every Republican Is Saying About Scalia’s Replacement

Article II of the United States Constitution gives the president — in this case, Barack Obama — the clear power and responsibility to appoint “judges of the Supreme Court” with the “advice and consent of the Senate.”
While all 46 Senate Democrats and independents have called for Obama to nominate a replacement for Scalia, 35 of the 54 Senate Republicans stand in opposition to any Obama appointment at all, while 11 expressed some willingness to consider an Obama nominee and 8 have not said anything on the matter.
Eight of the 11 Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which would hold any confirmation hearings, have announced that they will not consider any Obama appointment, as have the party’s top leaders.
there is a list and stated reasons by those who have refused to do their job without the presentation of the job that is prejudice and shows a incapacity to lead.  they are seeing a light at the end of their tunnel of a more tolerant all inclusive world and haters of their kind despised and alienated they now in their heads think they will become us and we will give them the big payback, sorry guys we ain't that kinda party all you do now hoping to stall the inevitable understand what inevitable means tick tock!!!  

that coupled with a highly impressing legacy they have tried to dirty up going on 8 years now is what drives the ugliness the fact that they really can't stop it, priceless