Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Texas Cops Execute Naked Black Teen — Won’t Say If He Was Armed (VIDEO)
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Another day, another black teen’s life lost at the hands of white cops. This incident took place in Austin, Texas, where a naked black teen was killed by officers who were checking out complaints about — get this — a suspicious black suspect.
Austin’s Chief Brian Manley held a press conference and tried to calm the public and the media surrounding the shooting, in which he, of course, deemed it necessary because the 18-year-old disobeyed the officers. Conveniently, he also says that the guy charged at the cops. Whether this is true or not is unknown at this time. Further, the top cop would not tell reporters whether or not the teen was armed in any way. This likely means that he was not, because if he had, they’d be rushing to tell every reporter in the country that the scary, naked black guy would have shot them if they hadn’t shot him first.
The police department has also refused to say who the officers who fired the fatal shots are, only that they are on leave while the shooting is checked out. In other words, they’ll investigate themselves and find that they did nothing wrong.
The local chapter of the NAACP is on the case, and rightfully so, because the likelihood of this being an illegal execution by cop, rather than a justified police shooting, is, as per usual in these cases, quite high. The chapter’s president, Nelson Linder, said of the shooting:
“We see a rush to judgment and as a result, somebody is dead. Normally it’s always somebody black, in this city and this country. I don’t see how a young man who’s naked, and not hurting anybody, winds up being dead. When in reality, those things require constraint and understanding, as opposed to deadly force.”
“The question is, how do you address your policy now? The problem with these shootings is often times APD, they don’t appear to enforce their own policies. If that’s the case we have a major problem because if you have a policy and don’t follow it, then what good is it?”
He’s exactly right. So, now, “disobeying” a cop is a capital offense? Then again, it always has been if you’re Black in America. Despicable, but true.
during this break in reporting about police murdering Black people was it really just a hiatus or have there been more unreported incidents this link is from a more right wing publication so bias and mythical claims of liberal media don't apply here.  another paid vacation this is beginning to sound more like paid bounty for dead Black bodies.  what was he going to attack them with his schlong????????