Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Republicans accuse Democrats of wasting $2 million on Benghazi Hearings for partisan nonsense?!



In an apparent attempt to set a new world’s record for projection, House Republicans are now accusing Democrats of wasting millions of dollars of the House Select Committee on Benghazi’s money on partisan nonsense. 
Committee Democrats Waste More Than $2 Million Obstructing Benghazi Investigation
 ...a Correct the Record employee banned from working in the Obama administration (Sidney Blumenthal) was one of Secretary Clinton’s primary emailers on Libya and Benghazi, why are Democrats so intent on derailing and discrediting the only real investigation into the murder of four Americans?
And why are Select Committee Democrats (nearly all of whom have endorsed the former Secretary of State for president) refusing to answer simple questions about coordination?
114th Congress
 Or perhaps they’re using that old Republican mind trick: Amnesia. Did they forget Kevin McCarthy pulled back the curtain on the House Republicans’ chicanery using the Select Committee on Benghazi as the RNC’s attack dog to harass a Democratic candidate for president, and and fabricate scandal out of whole cloth?    
it is reprehensibly stupid for them to try and lay such a widely known issue that it is all them all the committee's and investigations and homespun scandals come from their think tanks, as Clinton said this one takes a whole lot of brass to accuse us of what they did but not uncommon.  i need to stop trying to see logic where there is unreasonableness but this will truly earn a place in the Guinness book of records as the most ignorant attempt to misdirect.