Saturday, February 6, 2016

Judge orders two North Carolina congressional districts redrawn due to racial gerrymandering

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Two of North Carolina’s congressional districts were racially gerrymandered in a 2011 redistricting and must be redrawn within two weeks, a U.S. appeals court panel ruled on Friday.
The order written by Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Roger Gregory bars elections in the majority black districts, the 1st and the 12th, until the new maps are approved. North Carolina congressional primaries are scheduled for March 15
“This Court finds that Congressional Districts 1 and 12 as drawn in the 2011 Congressional Redistricting Plan are unconstitutional,” Gregory wrote.
The ruling said race had been the main factor when the Republican-controlled legislature redrew the boundaries and state lawmakers were not justified in using that benchmark.
Three voters filed suit in 2013 to invalidate the districts. Both are represented by Democrats, with G.K. Butterfield in the 1st, and Alma Adams in the 12th.
State Senator Bob Rucho and House member David Lewis, who guided the redistricting plan through the legislature, were quoted on the Raleigh News and Observer website as saying they would appeal the ruling by the three-judge panel.
republicans, they sure try to use the very system they corrupted in the way it was meant to be to support their skulduggery isn't that special they violate constitutional rights and when called on it want the law to support the violation makes you wonder what kind of country do we live in answer one that cherry picks laws mostly to accommodate White privilege and it's separate and not equal agenda.

this is encouraging but i think the appeal thing is just to keep the tilt in their favor till after the election.