Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Donald Trump reacts to getting schlonged in Iowa

Donald Trump has not only lost Iowa to Ted Cruz but has Marco Rubio nipping at his heels for second place. How does the guy whose big argument for himself is that he’s a winner react to being a loser? This is where we find out, as Trump speaks. Watch here for updates.
Monday, Feb 1, 2016 · 10:50:28 PM EST · Laura Clawson
Trump comes out on a positive note: “I love you people, I love you people. Thank you. Unbelievable.”
Monday, Feb 1, 2016 · 10:52:24 PM EST · Laura Clawson
Trump claims to have defied expectations that he couldn’t even finish in the top 10 in Iowa. Expresses his affection for Mike Huckabee and thanks his own family.
It’s a more conventional campaign speech than we mostly hear from Trump, though he adds a very Trump note by citing polls showing him ahead in upcoming states.
Monday, Feb 1, 2016 · 10:53:32 PM EST · Laura Clawson
“We will go on to easily beat Hillary or Bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there.”
Trump closes by suggesting maybe he’ll buy a farm in Iowa.
this looks like all the bravado "i don't give a damn" attitude was theater his somewhat subdued response is out of character and not the same vitriolic rhetoric we've become accustomed to.  one think that hasn't changed his need to self aggrandize.  maybe i might not have been wrong about skipping the debate costing him he suggest that premise himself.

it will be interesting to see if there is a notable change in is demeanor and politics being handed defeat can be devastating especially when you think you are God's gift to America.