Friday, February 5, 2016

Chris Christie's new New Hampshire strategy: Gross misogyny and tough-guy posturing

EPPING, NH - FEBRUARY 02: Republican presidential hopeful New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks at the Epping American Legion on February 2, 2016 in Epping, New Hampshire. The New Hampshire primary is next week, February 9, 2016.  (Photo by Matthew Ca

Ted Cruz wanted voters to "spank" Hillary Clinton like he spanks his own children. Now noted tough guy Chris Christie is suggesting he’d do the job himself:
CHRISTIE on HILLARY: "I'll beat her rear end on that stage and afterward she'll be relieved that I didn't serve her with a subpoena."
 It’s difficult to track all the ways this is offensive. There’s the insult to our intelligence he’ll deal out when, challenged on this language, he inevitably claims he was speaking figuratively and he didn’t really mean a physical beating. Sure thing, tough guy. We don’t see through your posturing. We can’t understand that you’re speaking on two levels here, because we’re just not that smart. 
Once again, we have a Republican man framing Clinton as a subordinate: a child to be spanked—or, hey, a disobedient woman who should be treated as a child because women, amirite?—rather than as an equal adult rival. Here, he’s saying that no matter how much stronger Clinton is in the polls or on command of policy, to him she will always be a woman who he not only can physically harm but who, as a man, he has a right to dominate.
Then there’s the idea that Clinton should be grateful Christie lets her off with a mere physical beating and doesn’t serve her with a subpoena he has no authority to issue. Ah, the little woman’ll be grateful to be reminded of her place, you know? And Chris Christie! Talking big about subpoenas to other people? Okay, Mr. George Washington Bridge.
If Chris Christie ever made it to a debate stage with Hillary Clinton, I have no doubt she’d prove capable of administering a verbal rear-end beating of her own. If it’s a physical contest he’s looking for, I’m equally sure that there are plenty of women closer than Clinton to his own towering 5’11” who’d be happy to stand in. Shoot, I’m 5’11”. I’d volunteer, except that at eight months pregnant, it might look like I was making a fat joke.
what is it with republicans do they treat their wives, daughters, mothers and other female with such disdain or do they just go home and kick the cat???? they claim no war on women i think they equate war with mour kids dying or bleeding and broken and buying more things that go boom so lets call it a republican aggression against women.