Tuesday, February 16, 2016

After anti-Semitic remarks, gun owners think it's time for aging rocker to be booted from NRA board


Ted Nugent pointing a gun at a camera

The nearly always offense Ted Nugent may have gone a step too far, even for gun lovers. After posting offensive anti-Semitic remarks blaming American Jews for the push for gun law reform, there is a legitimate push to oust from from the board of the NRA, where he's had a seat since 1995:​
Bob Owens, editor of the pro-gun site BearingArms.com, said many gun rights advocates are "simply done with Nugent."
"They're tired of feeling that they have to defend his half-baked rhetoric and simple-minded outbursts," Owens wrote. "Many people are calling for him to resign from the NRA Board and for him to have his membership stripped from him."
Owens said Nugent "owes the world a sincere apology," and has no business on the board if he can't do that.
Gun owners took to his Facebook page to unload:
Ted: As a religious Jew who testified with you in the Michigan Senate for relaxing gun laws and strengthening the 2nd Amendment, I'm absolutely disgusted but not at all surprised that you are showing what I always suspected: that you are a Jew-hater and a piece of crap. Ted Nugent Endorses Jews, then Announces He Hates Jews. Also, I'm sickened you invoke the slogan of Jewish Holocaust survivors, "Never Again" in mockery. Go to hell, asshole!
this guy who crapped his pants didn't bathe for a week jus so he could fail to be drafted and he sits on the board of the NRA first of all that says a lot more about the org. other than they care less than gnat crap about a dead gun shot victim regardless to how old.  and this guys now objection to him comes after he defames his religion that stinks and where was he during all the other racist remarks from him???? that's all i have to say.