Monday, January 18, 2016

Why The GOP Candidates Are Tied In Knots Over Replacing Obamacare


This month, Republicans in Congress achieved what they declared to be a major victory: they sent an Obamacare repeal to the president’s desk as test-run for next year, when they say there will be a Republican president in office to sign it.
But there’s just one problem with that plan. The details have been scant as to what the GOP presidential candidates -- who have uniformly railed against the Affordable Care Act -- intend to enact in its place.
After five years of promises to deliver an Obamacare replacement plan -- more than 20 such promises by one count --the GOP Congress still hasn't produced. And the same mix of political perils and policy paralysis that has hamstrung the Republicans on the Hill has left the party's presidential contenders with paltry real health care proposals that are short on details and long on vague assurances. The party that has spent years avoiding grappling with the economic, political, and policy complexities of health care reform seems no closer now that it was when Obamacare first became law.
“There have been a few proposals put up, but most of them have been pretty general and most of them have pretty much recycled, old Republican proposals that have been out there for a long time,” Timothy Jost, a health law specialist at the Washington and Lee University School of Law who supports Obamacare, told TPM. “No one seems terribly committed to coming up with an innovative proposal that could replace the Affordable Care Act and I think, in part, that’s because the Republicans really don’t know what they want. ”
stupid and insane, stupid; seeing the truth, hearing the truth and still telling the lies, over 60 votes to repeal all failing insane; keep doing the same thing over again expecting a change lunacy, doing this for 7 years and never coming up with an alternative to their repeal makes you almost want to grant the appeal just to watch the cockroaches run like somebody turned on the lights.