Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trump Enters The No Spin Zone

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Skipping the Talking Points Memo, The Factor began Wednesday's show with Donald Trump, who has vowed to boycott this week's Fox News debate. "I was not treated well by Fox," Trump alleged. "Megyn Kelly asked me a very unfair question in the last Fox News debate, but I gave a great answer and everyone said I won that debate. 
This also has to do with the attitude of Fox and the stupidity of what they did. I don't like being used, but last week I agreed to do this show with you and I did not cancel." Trump also said there are just too many Republican debates. "We have had six debates so far and every online poll said I won all six. The Democrats are all finished with their debates and we're going to go on forever. We have people in our debates who are at zero in the polls!" 
The Factor advised Trump that he may be pursuing the wrong strategy: "I don't think your not showing up at the debate is good for America. Voters are still assessing you and need to see you in high profile situations. By doing this, you lose an opportunity to convince others. I'm trying to convince you that your tactics are wrong, I think you should be the bigger man."
i watched a recording of this today and couldn't wait to delete it.  one ting that was curious was bilo making sense on his advise i think that he was doing it for his own ratings and the networks per Roger Ailes.  
Trump ha lost it he can no longer pretend to be the big dog in the room when a female can bring him down or should i say melt him down.  i can see it now he sits across from Putin with a crap eating grin on his face and Putin bust out laughing blowing snot bubbles.

as to veteran thing he can move that one day but his insistence in the face of bilo's make sense plea ow that hurt /s that how much good it would do vets came off more as a iron curtain shielding him from facing Kelly than helping vets very disingenuous.  women ought to be inspired by his cowardice and vote their interest not 7 more years of put downs and disrespect.

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