Sunday, January 24, 2016

Obama Drops Reality On Republicans: Things Are Better Now Than Before He Took Office

obama on cbs sunday morning

let's let him explain himself no one does it better.
Only a delusional Republican, who is living in a false reality, could argue that the country is not in better shape now than it was before President Obama came into office. George W. Bush had left a gigantic mess that included two ongoing wars that were unpaid for and the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.
President Obama didn’t arrive in the Oval Office, wave a magic wand, and make everything better. What this president did do was rebuild this country. His first order of business was preventing the recession from becoming a depression. He saved the American auto industry. Obama signed the legislation that has led to more than 90% of Americans having health insurance for the first time. He has set records for job creation and economic growth.
Obama has made history in both foreign and domestic policy. This president brought stability, leadership, and concern for the problems of ordinary Americans back to the White House.
Barack Obama will leave his country in better shape than he found it when he first took office. The President has never gotten the credit that he deserves for a job that has been very well done.
Obama offered hope and change, and this president has delivered on both.
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shout out to Sarah Palin, this is that hopey changy thing and it's working out just fine for you too!!!