Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GOP Candidates Freaking Out About Grand Jury That Indicted Anti-Abortion Activists


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After a Texas-based grand jury declined to indict Planned Parenthood on Monday, clearing an Austin-based clinic of any wrongdoing, GOP presidential candidates are simply doubling down on their opposition to the national women’s health organization. Although the jury chose to indict the videographers who tried to discredit Planned Parenthood in a misleading video campaign, rather than the organization itself, the verdict has only further inspired candidates to speak out against the nonprofit and its “disturbing” mission.
Carly Fiorina
Marco Rubio
Mike Huckabee
Ben Carson
stupidity defined for republicans, "STUPID IS SEEING THE TRUTH, STUPID IS HEARING THE TRUTH AND STUPID IS STILL SPEWING AND BELIEVING THE LIES".  each one with their own ignoring of fact too many time rebuked to even say the words but some how they manage to dismiss as if the truth hasn't emerged yet.  read the mind farting of these 4 blind candidates that want to lead you but can the blind lead when they have no idea what's ahead???????????????  even better example of stupidity trying to take your healthcare over 60 times that qualifies as stupidest.