Monday, January 18, 2016

Fox & Friends asks Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece if MLK would feel bad about the ‘war on police’

Aveda King speaks to Fox News hosts Steve Doocy and Anna Kooiman (screen grab)

“Today is, of course a big holiday all across the country,” Fox News host Steve Doocy told MLK’s niece, Aveda King. “You look at Black Lives Matter, you look at the war on police and even the political tone in the nation. What would your uncle think about what’s going on in his America today?”
Aveda King, who is often featured on Fox News for her conservative views, suggested that some people were “stirring up that fear and that anger.”
“Put some solutions on the table, teaching people to use their words, rather than bombs or guns or fists,” she said. “And use their words to heal rather than destroy.”
A second “Fox News Alert” segment also used King’s holiday to highlight the “war on police.”
“A day of violence against police officers,” Doocy announced.
“All this as we are supposed to be remembering the peaceful message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” co-host Anna Kooiman lamented.
not a fan of the niece, Fox often tries to get someone to either renounce our support their lurid agenda oft time to failure. as to Dr. King he of course would not support the assertion of a war on cops.  i say if there is it is not an act of aggression but one of self defense but i deny the idea  right wing republicans love to broad brush others  in 2014 126 officers killed in the line of duty presumably by 126 people but 1,000 citizens were killed by police  so presumably by 1,000 cops who's waging war on who?????????????????