Monday, January 25, 2016

FBI talks end abruptly, Bundy headed straight to the Harney County Sheriff's office for meeting

Ammon Bundy meets with Oregon deputies and sheriffs

Ammon Bundy did meet with an FBI negotiator again today, but talks fell through almost immediately. Andrew Dymburt of CBS Portland was tailing Bundy as he made the tour around the county to meet with law enforcement:
Talks with FBI lasted all of about 5 mins. Bundy wants media allowed in meetings with FBI - FBI says no. So he walked
Ammon Bundy and his posse of convicted felons acting as his bodyguards then headed straight over to speak with the sheriff directly.
Bundy was greeted by several neighboring county sheriffs, but was told Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward was not available. A smart move considering Ammon Bundy and his militants have convened a secret grand jury that they believe will result in the arrest and trial of both Sheriff Ward and Judge Steve Grasty.

Ammon Bundy even has a fake judge to oversee the proceedings and shared video saying they have served notice to Judge Grasty. In other words, they have been talking about arresting Sheriff Dave Ward himself. Makes sense why they wouldn’t send him out to meet with Bundy and his likely armed posse.
Ammon asking to meet with sheriff at his office, he's told he isn't available. #koin6news
— Jennifer Dowling (@JenDowlingKoin6) January 22, 2016Geoff Norcross and John Sepulvado from Oregon Public Broadcasting discussed the so-called grand jury today:
GN: Okay, so you have this group made up of these so-called sovereign citizens. Where is the danger in this, why should we care if people get together and have a mock trial?
JS: Well, it’s mock to you and me, and to the law, until it’s not, because, according to former Department of Homeland Security analyst Daryl Johnson, they get together and start deliberations. And Geoff, these proceedings are based on the Bible, English common law, and in the case of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the Book of Mormon.
GN: Okay, John, so say someone is found to violate these rules, they’re indicted by this so called grand jury – again, if this isn’t legally binding, who cares?
JS: Because it’s not legally binding, Geoff, these juries, often men, act in extralegal means. They’ll harass those who have been indicted, they’ll stalk them, they’ll kidnap them in some cases.  
I heard of one brutal instance in California where a county clerk was beat at the hands of someone who didn’t like her and got his friends to say she was indicted. From the FBI to the Daryl Johnson to the Anti-Defamation League, they all say, wherever these juries form, intimidation follows.
Regardless, the meeting at the sheriff’s office did not last long. All Bundy wanted to do was argue his version of the Constitution.

so far given the fact that these criminals are crazy to defy and challenge the gov't who is to say their mock trial would not lead to something more heinous, i don't think mock is the real agenda it's worthless and makes them look like bigger fools if nothing happens to those convicted and conviction i'm sure is their end game???  

they are putting themselves into that proverbial painted corner with no way out but surrender or body bag.