Monday, January 25, 2016

"Christian" Ted Cruz Brings Fresh Water to Flint--But Only For Right-Wing Extremists!


The most hated man in America just gave another reason to be hated. As you know, there is a medical crisis going on in Michigan with every child in Flint potentially poisoned with lead. People, especially the poor, are still desperate for clean water. Ted Cruz has entered to do the Christian thing and donate— 
But only for those who work in ultra-right wing, fake pregnancy “crisis” centers.  
Likely, none of Ted’s water donation will get to the children who actually need the water. That would require working with a real charity, like the Red Cross. Instead, Ted's campaign is coordinating water donations through Flint Right to Life only to be delivered to the ideologically-aligned wingnuts who work at these awful anti-abortion centers.
For those who don’t know, pregnancy "crisis" centers are places run by pro-life extremists, which are designed to fool women into thinking they are actual medical facilities. Instead, pregnant woman are bombarded with fake information in an attempt to trick them out of having an abortion. The people who work at these centers have no qualms about lying, instilling fear, or encouraging women in abusive relationships to stay put as long as there is no abortion.
Whether or not you agree with what they do, there is absolutely nothing to justify forcing women to hear a lecture about abortion in order to get fresh water for themselves or their children. For a man who just claimed he is “Christian” first and American second, that seems callously un-Christian. His supporters can debate whether Ted Cruz is more American or more Christian, but to everyone else, first and foremost, he is an asshole.    
why would he not take the opportunity to help the poor instead of showing his rue color preference of "charitable christian work" i guess it's not in his nature and does reinforce the red meat hate message to his base.  you can't be president for only those you choose while blatantly ignoring those on the front page or lead in story on the news to continue being poisoned by again one of their own Snyder who tries to blame EPA.  

we all know that arm of republican "christian right care less than gnat crap about those Black families deliberately put in harms way and to add insult to the racist act they are billing them for the poison, where are the lawyers this thing begs for class action suits this is why they want to return power to states so they can do things like this without the gov't looking out for us on their backs.  this is what they mean by freedom to grow they just don't tell you your growth will be stunted.

and they say there is no White privilege guess it's a matter of whose body is lead free wouldn't you say????