Friday, January 22, 2016

Bundy went to the FBI compound for a 30-minute chat today, then took the crew into town for lunch

Ammon Bundy meeting with the FBI at the FBI compound in Burns, Oregon

Ammon Bundy and three members of his militant crew walked straight up to the gate of the FBI’s temporary compound at the Burns airport in Oregon. And FBI representative reached out to Ammon Bundy yesterday to begin some kind of negotiation on the phone. Ammon Bundy responded by walking straight up to the entrance to their compound. The conversation lasted at least 30 minutes, with Bundy talking to the previously mentioned agent by phone after he was told the agent was not at the compound. 
Bundy was accompanied by his personal bodyguard Brian “Booda” Cavalier, who was recently arrested for an as-of-yet unknown criminal warrant in Arizona. He left the occupation at the refuge after it was discovered he was lying about being a Marine and a combat veteran. All must have been forgiven because he’s back with his man Ammon Bundy. Cavalier also has numerous theft and DUI convictions, including one case of "extreme DUI." Cavalier befriended the Bundy family during the Bundy Ranch standoff and has been loyally by their side ever since. A source tells me he converted to Mormonism to show his dedication. 
If you are wondering why Bundy and his crew are able to move so freely, please consider this: there are heavily armed men spread throughout the community. If Bundy is led away in handcuffs, they lose probably the most calming voice amongst the armed militants and anything could happen. Let’s hope the FBI and federal agents truly do have a plan to get out of this because more and more armed men AND women are arriving every single day. 
And a special note to the environmentalists who are protesting outside the refuge—please stop. You are now acting as human shields and are putting yourself in extreme danger. As much as we’ve joked about sending snacks to Y’All Qaeda, the simple truth is these people are extremely dangerous and they especially despise environmentalists. You can still hold counter protests, but for the your sake—please don’t go anywhere near Harney County right now.
this is true about people creating collateral damage by protesting so to me theses terrorist are creating a clear and present danger and all the more reason to issue an ultimatum then a surgical drone strike to minimize that collateral effect.  if we have zero tolerance for terrorism then it definitely applies to domestic terror as well, when you're wrong and do this you just encourage others, how many towns a people have to be subjected to this without decisive law enforcement,  what cities are next???????